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iPhoto Faces: Hits and Misses

February 3, 2009

Just starting to play with the new iPhoto 09 and in particular the facial recognition feature. I tested the feature on a few hundred sample images and iPhoto was right more than it was wrong. But the ones that it was wrong made me wonder do I really look like my mother or my friend Sanjay? “Separated at Birth” we are not.


iPhoto's Facial Recognition Has Some Kinks

iPhoto's Facial Recognition Has Some Kinks

That said I am very happy with this feature. When I first started adding photos to iPhoto many years ago I dutifully tagged each one. I’ve done that less and less. I had always hoped tools would come along that automated at least some of the process. Two or three years ago there was a far-too-hyped start-up called Riya that promised to do this. But they had no business model and their technology appears to not have been strong enough to make it into tools like this. I hope this isn’t one of those things I play with for a bit, think is incredibly cool, and then never use again. Google Earth, anyone?