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My Life Distilled Down to Technology and The Dead Milkmen

February 27, 2014



Fun interview covering two big interests Technology and Music and I can thank The Dead Milkmen for it.


Michael: We’ve talked about how some of the trends in modern business–lean innovation, content marketing–share a lot of principles with the punk rock movement you were involved with a few decades ago. Will you tell our readers your thoughts on that?

Wesley: For those not familiar with Lean, the basic concept is to throw away traditional product marketing and market research techniques and instead just launch and let customers tell you what is working or not. I love that. There is even a concept that if you aren’t embarrassed by your first release then you launched too late.

For indie artists, there isn’t the marketing budget to force anything down anyone’s throat nor even much in the way of a recording budget. So, pardon the slang, but it has to be real. Our punk acts would record albums for a few thousand dollars, just a few takes, and it would be raw, powerful and (to me) great. it was such a great contrast to the over-produced, market-research driven radio drivel at the time. Still is in my opinion.