Six Month Update; Knee Pain Leads to CEO Job and Swimming Focus

Ironman Arizona

Blogs are supposed to be updated far more frequently than every six months but this has been everything but a normal period for me. First off, I had more or less cleared off enough work responsibilities to be able to train as much as I wanted/needed for Ironman China. And that is exactly what I was starting to do. The runs were getting longer as were the rides. What I didn’t count on was a knee problem derailing the entire trip. Some time in November I got a twinge in my left knee, that twinge worsened and after several visits to several doctors (plus MRI and 2 months of Physical Therapy) I was officially out of the race.

Funny how things turn out however, especially when it comes to filling a void. First, in terms of athletics I had a huge void to fill because I can no longer run or bike (at least for the present). The good news is however is that 2008 seems to be the year that open water swimming is hitting stride. It has been easy for me to find open water races to do and people to train with them. I’ve even joined an open water swimming club on Facebook. Mind you that I still miss running but having a series of swimming races to train for has really helped soften what would otherwise be driving me crazy.

The other thing that happened is that I became CEO of (formerly Naxcom Exchange). I had been consulting for them for a few months and my friends know that one of the reasons I like to consult is so that I was able to swim/bike/run more or less as much as I liked. But once I crossed over to the dark side of having real responsibilities, it was no longer just a matter of getting a job done but of being in an office more or less full time. (Link to press release).

While is certainly a full-time job in itself, I have always been able to do that on nights and weekends and that will continue. I have benefited greatly from the hands-on work that I do with LifeTwo and that is especially relevant to my new gig which involves bringing social networking/web 2.0 to the sports collectibles industry. For example, check out the SportsBuy events blog that I just pulled together to help publicize the company’s autograph signings and trade show events.

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