It’s Happiness Week at

Greg and I have tried an experiment this week which has been to put a disproportionate amount of effort into one set of related posts and then to promote them. We certainly couldn’t do this on a regular basis but so far it looks like the effort is going to pay off.

This is common in television and they call them “stunts.” Not the kind where someone drives off a cliff, television stunts are when a network packages a group of shows into some kind of unified theme that can be promoted. For example, TNT having “Chuck Norris Week”. The theory is that one Chuck Norris movie won’t make much of an impact but one every night will. This is the same thinking that goes into “Leave it to Beaver” marathons and so forth.

Tal Ben-Shahar 

We contacted his publisher who loved the idea, interviewed him and wrote out a week’s worth of posts that contain excerpts from his book and additional related resources. We kept up with the lessons/exercises theme. To avoid having it reflect our own biases, we approached a number of leading authors/columnists/bloggers in this and related fields and almost all of them said yes.

Please check out our “How To Be Happy” week both from the perspective of blog marketing but also because it might just help you be happier.


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