Voice communication: Going, going, gone

Fred Wilson on what beats email

I’ve said it before on this blog. Spam has ruined email for the youth generation. They may adopt email at some point when they reach the workforce, but it will never be the messaging system of choice for them.

Site messaging (particularly in social networks) is incredibly popular among the younger crowd. The permissioning system is their social network and so they value the messages they get. They’ve been filtered. There’s no porn spam on facebook.

Instant messaging remains a popular option and at times its useful. But real time communication has its limits. It demands your attention and I think anything that demands permanent attention is suboptimal in this technology driven partial attention world we live in.

Blogging is a lot like social networking but without the permissioning filter of the social network. It’s useful and as many readers have found, one of the best ways to reach me is via a well articulated comment on this blog. Those rarely go unanswered. Funny enough the messaging system I prefer for those replies is email.

Notice the complete absence of even mentioning “voice” communications? It’s not that I disagree but instead how amazing how quickly voice communications has completely dropped off the radar so much so that it doesn’t even warrant inclusion in an article on communication. Meanwhile Twitter is referenced twice (in the full post that is).

Since you are reading this as a blog post (possibly in your RSS reader), I’ll count that as a vote for blogging as a communication tool. Also I view email combined with a Blackberry to be fundamentally different than email without. Email spam is indeed a continued issue but one that is largely under control–at least for me and at least now.


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