Blogging: The Importance of Doing Interviews

When building a blog, one of the important components is creating unique content and one of the best ways to do that is to interview leaders in your field. While they involve a little bit of work, the result is better SEO, links in, and brand awareness.

For LifeTwo good interviewees includes authors, scientists, radio hosts and many others and most of them are surprisingly easy to pitch and most will say yes to reasonable requests. This is because they often are looking to expose their brand, their book or their ideas. Even with this motivation it is important to be respectful of their time and to be as efficient as possible with it. We like to email questions that they can write responses at their convenience and then do a follow-up on any areas we want to delve a little deeper.

One other important note of caution is to make sure to do your homework before contacting someone for an interview and then even more research when crafting the questions. If they find your queries off the mark they’ll won’t put much time into the answers or will possibly just ignore them. On the other hand, if it is clear that you put time into drafting questions that get to the heart of their specific area, they might surprise you with how much detail you’ll get back.

An example of a good interview was a series of exchanges I had with Dan Mroczek —an Associate Professor of Developmental Studies at Purdue University. We came across Dan when researching a story about positive psychology and saw that he was a leader in this area and had produced several important studies on personality and happiness. Instead of just referencing these in a story, we tracked him down and asked if we could ask him a series of questions about these studies and how they might relate to the LifeTwo focus. He said yes, something I find most academics and authors agree to do.

Dr. Daniel Mroczek
Thanks Dan! Here is a link to his interview.

More interviews:

Doreen Orion

On June 12th, 2008, I was fortunate enough to interview Doreen Orion.


Gina Trapani

Interview update: On June 22, I published the interview I did with LifeHacker editor Gina Trapani for LifeTwo. (Photo Source: Will Pate). Here is a link to her interview.


Peneloe Trunk
On June 21, I interviewed author/columnist Penelope Trunk about her new book “The Brazen Careerist”. Link to interview. Thanks Penelope.


Marci Alboher

On October 18th, I published an interview with Marci Alboher about her book “One Person Multiple Careers”. Marci also blogs for the New York Times. Thanks Marci.


Jennifer Niesslein

On July 25, I published an interview with Jennifer Niesslein about her new book “Practically Perfect”. Link to interview. Thanks Jennifer.


Interview update: On June 4th, 2007, I interviewed author and advertising consulting Chuck Nyren. Thanks Chuck. Here is a link to his interview.


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